Stay Hidden With This Ancient Fire Concealment Method

No one ever questions the importance of fire for survival. But what if you need to stay hidden as well as stay warm? Let’s face it, when the SHTF and everyone is in panic mode, breaking concealment can be as deadly as exposure to the elements. Visible smoke in the daylight or the glow of flames at night can jeopardize your location and make you vulnerable to attack.

Fire concealment has been practiced for centuries by everyone from soldiers avoiding hostile enemy combatants to moonshiners avoiding the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).  But it is also a valuable skill for every camper, hunter and student of zombie apocalypse survival tactics to develop.  In fact, I consider it to be one of the Top 10 Essential Skills You Need To Survive When SHTF!

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The method I recommend is called a “Dakota Fire Hole” or “Dakota Fire Pit”.

Here is a great blurb on why to use this method and how it works from our friends at WonderHowTo/Survival Training:


First off, the Dakota fire pit is the only option for staying tactical.  It’s the only campfire you can build where the flames remain invisible.  Also, the fire burns so hot that it reduces the smoke output, which is optimal for avoiding detection.

The fire remains hot and burns steadily because of the chimney and airway tunnel.  When the fire burns in the main pit it forces all of the hot air out the chimney, allowing no air in from that hole.  The resulting effect is that it creates a suction-like action that forces fresh air down the airway tunnel to the fire base, feeding the fire with plenty of oxygen.  If you position the airway tunnel on the upwind side of the main hole, it forces even more fresh air down to the fire.  Also, as the fire gets hotter, it sucks more oxygen down the tunnel, making the fire even hotter.

How to Build & Hide a Campfire from Your Enemies — The Dakota Fire Pit

And because I know how much you love videos… here you go:

How to Make a Dakota Fire Pit

Listen, fire and concealment are both imperative. Thank goodness we can have both.


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